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landscape artificial grass

manufactuer of artificial grass for landscape and sports. Landscape artificial grass is used for garden,commercial and residential buildings,pet home, rooftop and pet home.Sports artificial grass is used for football and soccer.It is healthy,soft and durable.

Landscape artificial grass is used for garden, commericial and resitential buildings,pet home, roof top and pet home, it is healthy, soft, green and durable.


1, Item no.: LY2015

2, Height: 20mm

3, Stitches: 150/m

4,Gauge: 3/4''

5,Colors: Green

6,Backing: PP+NET+SBR

7,Warranty: 8years


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China Renqiu Lvmeiya Artificial Turf Factory , the main products are landscape artificial grass and sports synthetic turf with height from 10mm to 60mm ,Warranty is 8years.